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About Us

About Us

Huzhou Zhenlu Biological Products Co., Ltd. is situated in the south bank of LakeTai of northern Zhejiang province. It is close Shanghai in the east, south to Hangzhou, and Mount Tianmu in the west, north to SuXiChang area and Jing-hang Canal. It is passed through by Hu-yan highway, so it has easy access of communication and ascendant geography environment with picturesque scenerypersonality.personality.

The company mainly works for process and making daily chemical industry of cosmetics series nutrition addition agent, traditional Chinese medicine vegetal extraction and surface active agent for cleanse products and others. Main products "Yinlu" Hydrolyzed pearl, quick-dissolving pearl powder, serine, placenta liquor, ginseng, placenta liquor, angelica liquor, aloe liquor, seaweed liquor, hydrolysis collagen albumen, NS anti-dandruff antipruritic and other more than 100 kinds. The products are sold to cosmetic company whole national mid and large cities. Make business relationship with hundreds of famous cosmetic companies from domestic and aboard, such as shanghai jahwa, nanjing goldenballet, Beijing sanlu factory, guangdong nanyuan-yinfong, ador, Irene, liby, asixo, rosedew, yiyili, yuzhitang, anqintang, shimei, waliy shilulan, to-baby, yalan, xueliang, fengting, guangxi dongfangcuangmei, chongqing rain. Among them Yinxing pearl oral ingestion, angelica liquor, quick-dissolving pearl powder and others have been exported to Japan, Singapore, Britain, Poland, America and other countries.

The company sets up four sanitary cleaning workshops, used for making and process medical pearl powder, edible enzymolysis pearl liquor, quick-dissolving pearl powder and health protection drink and foods.

We also produce herbal medicine of single flavor, multi flavor dip cream and dip cream powder (by the process of concentrated with decompressed vacuum, spray dry), Chinese grain medicine. We owns various specialty machine such as mellow distilling filler by circumfluence process, water distilling filler, decompressed vacuum concentrator, decompressed vacuum dryer, spray drying tower, graining machine, ultrafine muller, etc.

Paying much attention to the advance of science&technology , our company continuously introduces into technical human and develop new products. And our company have repetitiously judged as enterprise of “conform to contract”, comply with trust and enterprise of provincial honorable AAA grade and have passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.

The company always follows as the tenet as "quality the first, credit is basis" warmly welcome make cooperation with vast customers.

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