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Biological agents had become the strategic focus of pharmaceutical companies

Today, biologics, accounted for 18% share of the global pharmaceutical market, reaching $ 111 billion. In 2009, the world's best-selling drug in five kinds of biological agents, is expected by 2016 will reach 700 species. In addition, the biologics market size in 2017 is expected to reach $ 149 billion, while small molecule drug market will show negative growth over the same period of 0.3%.

It is not hard to understand why the recent major pharmaceutical companies have to enter the field of biological agents. Focusing on pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting research firm DecisionResources senior analyst BenDuncan explains: "Large pharmaceutical companies are increasingly attach importance to biological agents, and before many large pharmaceutical companies are very dependent on small molecule drugs, and small molecule drugs has been the enterprise the main driving force of growth, now, with the expiration of patents for many products, these companies started looking for strategies to make up for declining revenue, biological agents is one of the important areas that need to open up. "and the development of biological agents has many advantages, such as product long life cycle and higher insurance costs. Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young) UK and Ireland Life Sciences head of Pamela Spence said: "Innovative Biologics is the most attractive place biological agents due to the more purposeful and appropriate use of special patient populations, such as may improve the outcome. to ensure a better prognosis and increased reimbursement payers, etc., and therefore more and more attention. "

Tufts Drug Research Center analyst believes that biologics market is expected to reach 2 times the small molecule drug market. But BenDuncan said: "When pharmaceutical companies have entered the field of biological agents to seek new growth point, will not mean the demise of small-molecule drugs contrary, from 2008 to 2011 the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the internal licensing deals with. 65% of small-molecule drugs, biologics, accounted for only 25% of biological agents is not the best way to solve the major pharmaceutical companies present plight, but merely one of the ways. "

UK Bioindustry Association (BioIndustry Association) CEO Nigel Gaymond said: "biologics and small molecules as well as new technologies (eg regenerative medicine) will constitute the drugs of the future pattern." Roche spokeswoman Claudia Schmitt also have expressed the same the opinion of. Currently Roche biologics products occupy an important position, in 2010 revenue from biological agents accounted for 69%. Claudia Schmitt said: "Roche will follow this road (the development of biological agents) before the line, because this is the direction of the development of science, you can not limit themselves in certain areas."

For pharmaceutical companies, biologics process development still faces many challenges, such as the early stages of the product life cycle of the program, with the development of diagnostic products, patient organizations support and social responsibility. However, no matter how difficult the challenges for long-term growth strategy of large pharmaceutical companies in terms of biological agents is undoubtedly the era of small-molecule drugs after the most growth potential in the field.

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